Total Policing and Paranoia

I feel compelled to pen a blog tonight; it has been a busy few days.  May Day, The Big Six Energy Bash and now the news tonight that the encampment at Parliament Square has been finally removed, after Maria from Peace Strike lost her right to appeal and Simon Moore’s ASBO has been upheld by Westminster Magistrates Court.

I first came to London two years ago on the 30th of April.  I wanted to attend my first May Day rally in London.  The precious night I had slept at the Eco-Village at Kew Bridge with many of my comrades.  Little did I know at the time what adventures we would have together, among those Simon and Maria, who I was to meet for the first time, during my time at Democracy Village.

Maria and I have been arrested together four times in the last 2 years.  Those actions were amazing.  The day Gordon Brown resigned we were on top of St Margaret’s Chapel, the official chapel of the House of Commons.   During the first debate on the Afghanistan war in Parliament, we were there at the front, having squatted there for a total of 26 hours, just so we could remind those going in to take part in the debate that innocent people were dying in an unjust and illegal war.

It hasn’t all been sunshine and great actions, like many areas of activism in London; a dark shadow has hung over Parliament Square.  Maria like myself has been the focus of accusations of being an  Agent Provocateur

This cancerous behaviour that plagues the activist world is soul destroying and energy sapping.  Even today while attending the #Big6Bash a well known activist within Climate Camp asked me if I was with the “MET BLOC”.   Paranoia is contagious; it needs to be nipped in the bud.  Those experienced amongst us need to be a forefront of challenging it when it gets out of hand.   I know this has been a thorn in the side of the peace strike campaign, unfortunate that more people didn’t stand up and challenge it.

At no time have I ever suspected more than I suspected everyone else that Maria was anything other than someone with good and just intentions.

I have a sense of sadness that the encampment has been removed.  So much was planned in that peace box, right under the noses of the police at Parliament.

Another comrade Simon has been the first to receive an ASBO, banning him from occupations and any protests directed towards the Olympic Games, These ASBO’s are being handed out with the threat of 5 years imprisonment, should they be broken.  Simon decided to defend himself and the judge upheld the interim ASBO.  I am currently expecting one myself, it is clear that all areas of activism are feeling the pressure from total policing and the oppression being brought to bear on us all because of the Olympics.  It seems at this time in the UK the powers that be are no longer even trying to uphold the illusion of democracy.

I for one will not be intimidated. I will continue to protest, the struggle goes on

Long live Democracy Village, Long Live Peace Strike and RIP Brian Haw. 

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